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China's valve industry energy-saving innovation to win the market
- Jul 27, 2017 -

In recent years, by the domestic good investment environment and infrastructure construction of the deepening of China's valve industry will continue to grow the development of new opportunities. Enterprises continue to self-innovation, the achievements of the leading technology, a wide range of products dizzying, showing a thriving development prospects. It is because of this technical results, which makes the valve industry can be a long positive positive trend.

According to the national pump valve manufacturing industry comprehensive planning and regional layout planning, the construction of a number of regional leading technology and product development laboratories, test bases and product development center. Relying on a strong ability to innovate science and education institutions, the establishment of scientific and technological achievements spread site. Encourage and support the establishment of valve manufacturing technology R & D center. Domestic policy and economic situation turn for the better, pump industry and the valve industry have been favorable development conditions, the rise of space is also very great.

The next five years, the development direction of China's petrochemical pump is large-scale, high-speed, mechanical and electrical integration, and product sets, standardization, serialization and generalization. In particular, high-temperature pumps, cryogenic pumps and ultra-low temperature pumps, precision metering pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps, conveying viscous media and solid particulate media pumps, shielding pump production technology (valve technology, water pump technology) will be rapid development, demand will be substantial increase.

In recent years, energy conservation has become the principle and goal of industrial development, from the energy point of view, the development of steam traps for the general trend, and to subcritical and supercritical high-parameter development, to meet the equipment development direction of low energy demand.