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Main points of daily maintenance of ball valves
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Ball valves in the daily life of how to do conservation? Want to come we should not be very clear, then now we have to talk about the maintenance of the ball valve, in order to make the life of the ball valve to extend the need to do regular maintenance care, then the specific how to do it? First of all we have to do is to clean the valve seat sealing system, the valve seat sealing system re-grease, the valve chamber clean, in accordance with the requirements of the valve limit, to switch the valve several times to ensure safe operation of the valve, switch action Valve 3 times, lubrication valve stem, gearbox and all equipment to be lubricated, test seat seal leakage, check valve accessories, flange grease mouth and stem leakage, check whether the normal operation of the actuator (including vapor Linkage actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators and other implementing agencies), check the RTU valve room, check the gas-liquid linkage actuator and related supporting system. Finally, the inspection of the existing problems for processing and maintenance.