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Introduction Of Pressure Relief Valve
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Pressure relief valve is through the opening and closing parts of the throttling and adjustment, the medium pressure reduction, and through the valve after the direct effect of pressure, so that after the valve automatically meet the desired requirements. Pressure relief valve is also an automatic valve, in the structure and performance parameters and general valves have many differences, some special terminology, easy to confuse.

In order to make the majority of readers more clearly understand the pressure relief valve, and can be correctly selected, the pressure relief valve is the main terminology to explain.

1. Pressure Reducing valve terminology

1) Direct Action pressure reducing valve: Use the outlet pressure change, direct control valve flap movement of pressure relief valves.

2 Pilot-type pressure reducing valve: by the main valve and guide valve composition, the change of outlet pressure through the amplification control of the main valve action of the pressure relief valves.

3 film type Pressure reducing valve: the diaphragm is used as the sensitive element to drive the valve flap movement.

4 piston Pressure Reducing valve: uses the piston as the sensitive element to drive the valve flap movement The pressure-relief valves.

5 Bellows Pressure Reducing valve: the use of corrugated pipe as a sensitive element to drive the disc movement of the pressure relief valves.

6 static seal: The outlet flow is zero, the pressure relief valve seals the state.

7 Dynamic Seal: The sealing state of the pressure relief valve when the outlet media cut-off.

8 Pressure Regulation characteristics: Import pressure must, continuously adjust the outlet pressure, decompression valve obstruction and vibration phenomenon.

9 Pressure characteristics: Steady flow state, export flow must be, the import pressure changes, the export pressure and import pressure function relationship.

10 Flow characteristics: Steady flow state, the import pressure is unchanged, the outlet pressure and flow function relationship.

11 Maximum flow: Under the given export pressure, its deviation within the specified range can reach the maximum flow.

12 Pressure characteristics deviation value: Export flow must be, import pressure changes, the value of the export pressure. Usually the valve post pressure p of the decompression valve. should be less than 1/2 of the pressure before the valve, that is, p<0.5p1 pressure relief valve wide range of applications in the steam, compressed air, industrial gas, water, oil and many other liquid media equipment and pipeline can be used. The amount of media flowing through the outlet of the relief valve is generally expressed by mass flow Q (kg/s) or volume flow Q (m3/s).