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What Are The Reasons For The Damage Of The Common Valve Seal Ring?
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Valve SEAL RING is the valve channel on the connection, connect the role, but also as the adjustment and distribution, separation and mixed media, such as the practical key uses. Therefore, the valve seal surface is susceptible to common media corrosion, erosion, damage and so on, sealing ring damage factors are divided into natural damage or improper treatment and damage.

In the actual situation of the improper handling of the problem, is generally poor design, manufacturing is not fine, improper selection, installation is not good, poor use and maintenance and other factors caused. Natural damage is the valve seal ring under normal operating conditions of wear, is the media on the sealing surface of the inevitable corrosion and erosion caused by damage.

1, valve seal RING sealing surface processing quality is not good, mainly manifested in the seal surface cracks, porosity and ballast defects, due to the surfacing and heat treatment specifications improper selection and surfacing and heat treatment of poor operation, sealing surface hardness is too high or too low, is due to improper material or heat treatment, sealing surface hardness unevenness, Corrosion resistance and other design problems.

2. Improper selection of valve seal ring and damage caused by poor operation. The main performance is not in accordance with the operating conditions of the selection of valves, the cut-off valve when the throttle valve use, resulting in the closure than the pressure is too large and close too fast or close lax, so that the seal face erosion and wear.

3, the sealing ring installation and maintenance is not good cause sealing surface work is not normal, valve operation, premature damage to the sealing surface. In addition, in the medium directly with the sealing surface chemical action, corrosion sealing surface.

4, mechanical damage, the closed cover in the open and closed in our will produce abrasions, touch, squeeze damage and so on. Between the two sealing surfaces, under the action of high temperature and pressure, atoms penetrate each other, resulting in adhesion phenomenon. When the two seals cross section to move each other, the adhesion place is easy to pull to tear.

5, electrochemical corrosion, sealing surface contact with each other, sealing ring and closed body and the contact with the valve body and the concentration of media, oxygen, and other reasons, will produce potential difference, electrochemical corrosion, resulting in the anode side of the seal surface corrosion.

From the above valve seal RING section damage reason analysis can be seen, to improve the valve sealing surface quality and service life, must choose appropriate sealing surface materials, reasonable processing methods.