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Advantages of installing steam traps
- Feb 26, 2018 -

Steam traps have the function of steam drainage, in the steam system, the installation of efficient steam traps, can make the steam heating equipment evenly to heat, full use of steam latent heat, to prevent steam pipe in the occurrence of steam resistance and water hammer, greatly reduce the steam system energy waste, has energy saving, environmental protection, reduce cost benefits.

Steam traps are mainly divided into four types of products:

(1) Thermal Power steam Trap: simple structure, light weight, easy installation, water hammer and corrosion resistance, easy maintenance.

(2) Inverted bucket traps: strong body, long service life, water hammer resistance, strong back pressure, resistance to dirt, pipelines and equipment is not easy to produce stagnant water.

(3) Floating ball steam trap: the continuous drainage noise is small, large displacement, strong ability to back pressure, automatic exhaust valve can be automatically excluded from the start of a large number of air and other non-condensing gas.

(4) Thermostatic type Steam trap: Simple structure, small size, failure and starting the valve fully open, and quickly eliminate air and condensate gas and condensate, corrosion resistance, water hammer, heat resistance and so on.