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Fault diagnosis and elimination of gear pump
- Feb 09, 2018 -

1. Severe vibration and noise caused by gear pump

1 The seal is not strictly caused. Solution: Repair pump body and pump cover plane (0.005).

2 Shaft seal aging on the pump. Solution: Replace.

3 oil tank less, pump suction empty. Solution: Come on.

4 back to the oil pipe exposed liquid surface, instantaneous negative pressure to make air back irrigation system. Solution: should be inserted under the liquid.

5 pump from the liquid surface is too high, low speed is the pump oil cavity can not vacuum and inhaled air. Solution: Try to shorten the relative distance.

6 inlet nozzle resistance or inlet tubing too large into the air. Solution: Clean the filter or increase the amount of filtration or reduce the diameter of the pipe.

2. Vibration and noise caused by mechanical reasons

1 pump and coupling coaxial degree.

2 because of oil pump gear wear and tear caused by the noise, replace oil, strengthen filtration. Solution: Clean the pump or replace the pump.

3 needle roller bearings in the pump are not smooth. Solution: Replace the bearing.

3. Vibration and noise caused by other reasons

1) Oil inlet filter is blocked. Solution: Clean the filter.

2 viscosity of oil produces noise. Solution: Choose the reasonable oil.

3 inlet oil out oil aperture too large to produce noise. Solution: Reduce the diameter of the pipe properly.

4, the gear pump output flow is insufficient, the pressure does not go

1 inlet oil plug suction empty and insufficient flow. Solution: Clean the filter.

2 pump leak large and small flow. Solution: Repair the mold cover and the gear end face or change the pump.

3) The oil temperature is too high, the internal vent ambassador output flow is small. Solution: Refueling Cooling machine.

4 oil viscosity is too high, oil suction resistance or viscosity is too low, the leakage of large. Solution: Choose the right hydraulic oil. General 32 (40 degrees)