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How to choose the right valve and reasonable installation valve?
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Valve is a fluid conveying system control components, with cut-off, regulation, diversion, to prevent countercurrent, voltage, shunt or overflow pressure relief functions. Valves for fluid control systems, ranging from the simplest cut-off valves to the most complex automatic control systems, have a wide variety and specifications. So how to choose the right valve?

How to choose the right valve and reasonable installation valve

Flange Muffler Check Valve sample

The choice of valve

1. Determine the relevant technical parameters of the valve, such as the media required by the valve, melting point, pressure, as well as the valve connection control mode;

2. According to the determined technical parameters, calculate and select the valve that meets the requirements and select the valve suitable for the working condition;

3. Observe the after-sales service of manufacturers, look at the seller's technical service capabilities, customer service attitude (long-term cooperation necessary attention);

Second, the valve installation

1. Observe the installation environment. Before installing the valve, observe the installation and maintenance space, pay attention to the height of valve installation, orientation and so on;

2. Valve specification requirements. The valve should be checked for tightness before the valve is installed.

3. Check the fittings and the flange of the valve connection. In the sealing surface must be clean, can not have any mechanical damage, stains, flange gasket size should choose the standard, and meet the installation, installation should pay attention to, and evenly tighten;

4. After the valve installation, should adjust and test the transmission device and operating mechanism, so that all the action instructions to ensure normal and accurate;

5. Before the valve is formally put into use, should focus on checking the filler, to replace the aging filler in time.

In short, the correct selection and installation of valves, will be able to maintain a safe working environment, reduce downtime loss, benefit from valve reliability, no leakage.