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Design Scheme Of Cooling Step-down Device
- Sep 29, 2017 -

The main features of the temperature reducing and decompression device are: The decompression system and the temperature reducing system separately.

Pressure reducing system: pressure reducing valve and throttle device composition; temperature reducing system: Venturi mixing pipe, electric water supply control valve, throttle valve, check valve, stop valve composition; security system: main safety valve, impulse safety valve, spring safety valve composition.

Adopt double seat temperature reducing valve structure: unbalanced force is small. The adjustment range is big, the action is balanced, the phenomenon of no blocking;

The temperature-reducing system adopts Venturi + flute nozzle, no transmission parts, stable and reliable atomization, convenient disassembly of nozzle, easy maintenance;

The decompression system and the temperature-reducing system are separated, mainly used for poor working conditions, such as high temperature and high pressure (P1≤10mpa, T1≤540℃), avoid reducing the body parts of the warm water flushing valve, or the superheated steam for lower pressure to the saturated steam condition: such as central heating, P1≤13mpa, T1≤250℃, Mainly considering the low steam flow rate, using venturi temperature reduction, so that the reduction of warm water 0, to achieve a better temperature reduction effect.

Third, reducing temperature and decompression devices, temperature reducer main performance indicators:

1. Inlet Steam Pressure

Medium pressure: p1≤3.82mpa temperature T1≤450℃;

Secondary high temperature and high pressure: p1≤5.4MPa temperature T1≤485℃;

High temperature and high pressure: P1≤10mpa temperature T1≤540℃;

2. Export Flow Q

The change range of the outlet flow Q of the temperature reducing and decompression device is 10%q-100%q, and the adjustment is ideal in this range. If you have special requirements, you can consult with the company to decide otherwise;

3, Export steam pressure P2: Export steam pressure P2 adjustment accuracy is not less than 2.5;