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Installation Of Hydraulic Pump
- Feb 13, 2018 -

1. The axis of the pump and the axis of the motor remain a certain coaxial degree. For the gear pump, the rotating shaft of the pump and the output shaft of the motor are installed with elastic coupling, and the different axle degrees shall not be greater than O. 1mm, the different axle degree of sleeve type coupling shall not be greater than 0. 05mm, for Vane pumps, the general requirements of different shaft size must not be greater than 0. 1mm, and the motor should be flexible connection between the same for the Oblique disc axial installation accuracy also put forward specific requirements:

(1) The Inclined disc axial pump of the bearing installation, and its coaxial degree inspection permits the errand =0. 1mm;

(2) When the installation of the flange, the installation accuracy requires its core axis radial flange coaxial degree inspection tolerance for the West =0. 1mm: Flange verticality Check tolerance t=0. 1mm;

(3) Adopt the bearing bracket to install the belt pulley or the gear, then through the elastic coupling and the pump connection, guarantees the pump the active axle does not bear the radial force and the axial force. Can be allowed to withstand the force should be strictly controlled within the allowable range, under special circumstances also to the rotor to carry out a precise dynamic balancing experiment to avoid resonance.

2. Installation of filter

To avoid pump time, the use of precision filters is strictly prohibited. The filtration precision of the gear pump should be ≤40um, and the net type filter is used in the oil suction port. For vane pumps, plunger pumps, oil cleanliness should reach the national standard level 16/19, the use of most of the filter precision 25~30um. The correct selection and installation of the suction port filter will reduce the hydraulic fault significantly and prolong the service life of each component.

3. Installation Requirements for piping

(1) The installation height of the inlet tubing shall not be greater than O. 5m. The inlet tubing must be cleaned, coupled with the pump inlet oil pump, and can be combined with sealant when necessary to avoid air entering the hydraulic system.

(2) Inlet pipe Elbow should not be too much, into the oil pipe crossing bell have filters, filters do not allow leakage of fuel tank oil surface. When the pump normal operation, the oil surface from the top of the filter should be at least 100mm to avoid air entry, filter effective oil area is generally not lower than the pump inlet oil pipe cross-sectional area of 50 times times, and filters should be often cleaned to avoid blockage. (3) suction tube, pressure out pipe and back pipe diameter should not be less than the specified value.

(4) Pump leakage back tubing should not be linked with other hydraulic system back tubing, should be separate and inserted below the tank level.

(5) In order to prevent the pump vibration and noise along the pipeline to the system, in the pump suction inlet and pressure outlet can be installed a section of hose, but the pressure outlet hose should be installed vertically, the length should not exceed 400~600mm, suction inlet hose to have a certain strength, to avoid the tube because of the vacuum degree and make it appear flattening phenomenon.