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Overhaul process of stainless steel submersible pump
- Feb 03, 2018 -

Stainless steel submersible pump general overhaul once a year, the cumulative running time is not full 2000h, can be appropriate to extend the specific circumstances. Its contents are as follows.

1, ball bearings and bearing cover should be cleaned, such as bearing a little corrosion, cracks or clearance exceeded, to be replaced in a timely manner. When replacing the bearing grade must not be lower than the original bearing grade, must use the normal bearing factory's product. Before replacing the use of plug gauges to measure clearance, large pump every overhaul should clean the bearing cooling water cover in the scale and debris to ensure smooth flow.

2, impeller and blade if there is a crack, damage and corrosion, such as light can be used epoxy resin repair, serious people to replace the new impeller. impeller and shaft connecting parts such as loosening and seepage, should be amended or replaced the key, the impeller mounted on the pump shaft after the shaking value must not exceed 0.05mm (this value is for reference only, because some high-speed impeller to shake the value of higher requirements). Repair or replacement of the impeller requirements check dynamic balance and static balance, if beyond the allowable range should be corrected in time, such as the heavier side of the file off some, but prohibit the use of the impeller on the drilling method to achieve balance, so as to avoid stress concentration in the hole caused by the damage.

3, water control valve to timely inspection and replacement of fillers to prevent leakage.

Overhaul process of stainless steel submersible pump

4, the pump shaft bending over 0.05% of the original diameter, should be corrected. The different heart degrees between the pump shaft and the sleeve should not exceed 0.05mm and replace the sleeve when it exceeds. When the pump shaft rust or wear more than 2% of the original diameter, the new shaft should be replaced.

5, the sleeve has the rule of wear more than the original diameter of 3%, irregular wear over the original diameter of 2%, all need to be renewed. At the same time, check shaft and sleeve contact surface There is no seepage traces, bushings and impeller between the paper pad is complete, the requirements should be amended or replaced. The new axle suit and the bearing's different heart degree, should not exceed 0.05mm.

6, check the seal ring has no cracks and wear, the radial clearance of the impeller should not exceed the maximum allowable value, more than should be replaced. In the replacement of the seal ring, should be the impeller suction nozzle outside the outer diameter turning, the principle is to see the light can be turned to pay attention to the shaft concentric. Then the seal ring inside diameter according to the clearance value of the car good size, sealing ring and impeller between the axial clearance between the 3~5mm is advisable.