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Precautions for operation of magnetic pump
- Feb 06, 2018 -

1. Prevent particles from entering

(1) Do not allow ferromagnetic impurities, particles into the magnetic clutch and bearing friction pairs. (2) Transport easy crystallization or precipitation of the medium to timely flushing (stop pump to pump the cavity after pouring water, running 1min discharge clean) to protect the life of sliding bearings. (3) When conveying the media containing solid particles, it should be filtered at the inlet of the pump flow pipe.

2. Prevent demagnetization

(1) The magnetic moment can not be designed too small. (2) should be operating under the specified temperature conditions, strictly prohibited medium temperature exceeded. A platinum resistance temperature sensor can be installed on the outer surface of the magnetic pump isolation sleeve to detect the temperature rise of the annulus area, so as to alarm or stop during the temperature exceeding limit.

3. Prevent dry friction

(1) The idling is strictly prohibited. (2) The media is strictly prohibited. (3) In the case of the exit valve closed, the pump running time must not exceed 2min, in case the magnetic actuator overheating and failure.