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The correct operation procedure of centrifugal pump
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The normal operation method of centrifugal pump is as follows:

1. Centrifugal pump Before the start of the inspection

1 after the motor overhaul, in connection with the coupling, first check the rotation direction of the motor is correct.

2 inspection pump inlet pipeline and ancillary pipeline, flange, valve installation whether meet the requirements, the anchor bolts and ground is good, whether the coupling is installed.

3 car inspection, rotation is normal.

4 Check the oil level is normal, no oil refueling, and check the oil (grease) of oily nature.

5 Open the cooling water valve and check whether the pipeline is unblocked. Note that cooling water should not be too large or too small, the General Assembly caused waste, too small cooling effect is poor. General cooling water flow into the line.

6 Open the inlet valve of the pump, close the outlet valve of the pump, and open the pressure gauge hand valve.

7 Check the sealing condition of the pump and the opening degree of the oil seal.

Note: The hot oil pump should be evenly preheated before starting.

2. Start of centrifugal pump

1 Full access valve, close the exit valve, start the motor.

2 when the pump outlet pressure is greater than the operating pressure, check the department to operate normally, gradually open the export valve.

3 When starting the motor, if it does not start up or have abnormal sound, should immediately cut off the power check, to eliminate the failure to start.

4 When starting, note that people do not face the coupling, in case of flying out of harm.

3. Stop pump operation of centrifugal pump

1 slowly close the pump exit valve.

2 cut off the power of the motor.

3 Close the pressure gauge hand valve.

4 after parking, can not immediately stop cooling water, such as the temperature of the pump down to 80 ℃ the following side can be cut off.

5 According to the need, close the inlet valve, the pump body is empty.

4. Centrifugal Pump operation and maintenance

Centrifugal pump in the normal operation, the Secretary pump to the following content carefully patrol:

1 Check the pump outlet pressure, flow, current, etc., do not overload operation, and accurately record the current, pressure and other parameters.

2 Listen to sound, resolution machine pump, motor operation Sound, judge whether there is any abnormality.

3 Check machine pump, motor and pump seat vibration, such as serious vibration, pump inspection.

4 Check the temperature of the motor shell, the temperature of the bearing box of the machine pump, the temperature of the bearing box not exceeding 65 degrees, the motor temperature not exceeding 95 degrees.

5 ensure the normal lubricating oil and oil tank level. Lubricating oil tank liquid level, the scale is the same as the calibration, there are window (oil standard) and no tick marks, oil level should be maintained between 1/3~1/2, in the normal oil level, oil leakage is not greater than 5 drops/cent, pressure oil, to machine description as prevail.

6 Check the machine pump seal and each flange, wire plugging, cooling water, sealing oil connector whether leakage.

7 Check Standby pump standby situation, every day to disk a car.

5. Switch operation of centrifugal pump

In order to ensure that in the switching pump, its flow, pressure and other parameters are basically unchanged, no fluctuations, the best two people at the same time operation.

1 to start the start-up of the pump before the preparatory work.

2 A person first open the standby pump, after the centrifugal pump running smoothly, slowly open the exit valve, at this time with the pump outlet valve opened, the pump outlet valve pressure drops slightly, but the motor current increased, while another slow shutdown to stop the pump exit valve, to run the pump when the flow is large enough, and then completely close to stop the pump exit valve, Cut off the power, and then normal stop pump treatment.