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Introduction Of Turbine Groove Butterfly Valve
- Jul 27, 2017 -

1, fast installation

Turbine groove butterfly valve to take the groove clamp contact and the corresponding pipe placement pipe, do not need to be welded, do not need the second galvanized and secondary installation, installation efficiency greatly improved.

2, easy to operate

Turbine Groove Butterfly valve clamp connection with a light weight, the number of small bolts, easy placement of the advantages, even the novice can easily use.

3, reliable quality

Turbine groove butterfly valve technology level is very high, with a new type of C-type rubber seals, to achieve triple seal, to ensure that the closure of the seal and reliability.

4, the use of security

Grooved clamps and the corresponding pipe fittings installation process, only need to carry out mechanical assembly, there is no open fire, therefore, there will be no slag and other debris, to ensure the safety of the site , Is strictly prohibited fireworks conditions, especially for.

5, affordable

As the turbine groove butterfly valve installed fast, easy to use, and the installation of the repair rate is low, so the overall installation cost than ordinary butterfly valve can save 30-50%.

6, take up small space

The space occupied by the grooved clamp is about 70% of the common flange and is suitable for use in a narrow space due to the small number of fastening bolts and the strong applicability.

7, easy maintenance

Turbine groove butterfly valve as long as the installation properly, pipes and other accessories a test pressure qualified, you can safely run, usually without maintenance, spare parts can be guaranteed for decades.

8, strong applicability

Grooved clamps can be applied to virtually any seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, welded steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, brass and other metal pipe.

9, can achieve the flexible link pipe

The flexible trench clamps are flexible.