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Comparison Of Valve Differences
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Selection of the valve is mainly based on the valve flow characteristics curve, and valve weight and other parameters.

Ball valve is a fast opening valve, generally used for quick opening and closing of the occasion, diameter is also relatively small. Gate valve resistance is small, close the closed after the good, less leakage, commonly used in the trunk of the shut-off; The valve weight is high, so used to adjust the end of the flow is more appropriate; disc valve small size, you can adjust the shape of the valve to design a different flow characteristics of the valve, off, regulation, diameter can also be done, When the sample is the best!

The main choice of the valve is based on the requirements of the piping system to meet the flow characteristics of the valve curve, in general, the valve is mainly used for flow regulation, but its own resistance is large, and packing easy to leak; The ball valve is suitable for fast shut-off system, the general diameter is small; butterfly valve small size, combined with the valve, the advantages of the ball valve, both adjustable, but also has a small resistance and better shut down, but not conducive to the flow of regulation; Better shut down, diameter is also relatively large, the scope of application is relatively wide, sub-hot water, cold water two.