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What Are The Characteristics Of The Diaphragm Valve?
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Diaphragm valve is the most prominent feature of the diaphragm to the lower part of the valve body cavity and the upper valve cover cavity separated, so that the valve stem at the top of the diaphragm, the valve and other parts from the media corrosion, The packing seal structure, and will not produce media leakage. The use of rubber or plastic and other soft seal made of the diaphragm, good sealing. As the diaphragm for the wearing parts, depending on the characteristics of the media and regular replacement. By the diaphragm material restrictions, diaphragm valve for low pressure and temperature is relatively low occasions. Diaphragm valve can be divided into structure: house type, DC type, cut-off type, straight type, gate type and right angle type six; connection form is usually flange connection; by driving method can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic three , Of which pneumatic drive is divided into normally open, normally closed and reciprocating three.


Diaphragm valve is a special type of shut-off valve, its opening and closing parts is a piece of material made of soft membrane, the valve body cavity and the valve cover cavity and drive components separated. Diaphragm valve is a flexible, disturbable diaphragm, with bolts connected to the compression device, the compression device is operated by the stem and up and down, when the compression parts rise, the diaphragm will be held high, resulting in access, when the compression The diaphragm is pressed against the valve body weir (if it is a weir valve) or pressed at the bottom of the contour (if it is straight type), the diaphragm valve is suitable for switching and throttling.

The structural design of the diaphragm itself is particularly suitable for ultra-pure media or heavily polluted, very viscous liquid, gas, corrosive or inert media. When combined with a control device, the diaphragm valve replaces other conventional control systems, especially for solid and easily contaminated inert media. The products are mainly used in the production of bio-pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, foodstuffs, and electric power, chemical, electroplating and other industries. They are also used in the production of semiconductor wafers. The valve is particularly suitable for the transport of corrosive, viscous fluids, such as mud, food, pharmaceutical, weaving adhesive, etc., because the pipeline, the diaphragm operating mechanism is not exposed to the transport fluid, so do not have Pollution, do not need packing, stem packing part can not leak.