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Maintenance And Maintenance Of The Valve
- Jul 27, 2017 -

How does the valve be used during maintenance and long-term restraint?

A: (a) the use of the maintenance process

The use of maintenance is to extend the life of the valve and ensure reliable opening and closing.

A) The stem thread is often rubbed against the stem nut, which is coated with a little butter or graphite powder.

B) do not often open and close the valve, to regularly turn the hand wheel, the stem thread plus lubricant to prevent bite.

C) outdoor valve, to the stem plus protective cover, to prevent rain, snow, dust rust.

D) If the valve is a mechanical drive, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the gearbox and keep the valve clean.

E) Do not rely on the valve to support other heavy objects, do not stand on the valve.

F) Stem, especially the threaded part, should always be cleaned and add new lubricant to prevent dust in the dirt, wear threads and stem surfaces, affecting the service life.

Second, custody and maintenance

A) improper storage is one of the important reasons for damage to the valve.

B) the valve custody, can not be chaos stacking, small valves on the shelves, large valves can be arranged in the warehouse floor on the ground, do not let the flange connection surface contact with the ground.

Protect the valve from damage.

C) short-term temporary use of the valve, should be taken asbestos filler, in order to avoid electrochemical corrosion, damage to the stem.

D) on the newly entered the reservoir of the valve, to be checked, such as in the transport process into the rain or dirt, to wipe clean, and then stored.

E) The valve inlet and outlet should be sealed with wax paper or plastic sheet to prevent the dirty things.

F) to rust in the atmosphere of the valve surface to be coated with anti-rust oil, to be protected.

G) Place the outdoor valve, must be covered with linoleum or sheet like rain, dustproof items. Store the warehouse to keep it clean and dry.