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The Global Valve Market Distribution
- Aug 30, 2017 -

The annual US Valve Show will be held from September 11 to 14, organized by the International Turbine Laboratory and the Texas A & M University, where the venue is located at the George Brown Convention and Exhibition Center in Houston, Days of the exhibition will attract more than 30,000 professional visitors, more than 300 exhibitors.

Valves are the key equipment for fluid control systems and are generally used in liquid or gaseous fluid control environments. Therefore, valves are widely used in various industrial subdivision areas involving fluid control. According to McIlvaine, compared to 2015, the total imports of US valves increased by 18.5% in 2016, of which oil pressure or pressure valve increased by 52%, safety or relief valve also increased by 34.5%. The United States imports more of the main valve products are faucets, cocks and similar devices, hydraulic or pneumatic valves, safety or relief valves, copper faucets, cocked valves imported higher than other material faucets, plug valves.

The current range of US valve exhibition includes pumps, pumps, vacuum pumps, pressure pumps, mud pumps, chemical pumps, sewage pumps, acid pumps, corrosion pumps, centrifugal pumps, metering pumps, vortex pumps, pneumatic pumps, , Air pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump and so on. 2016 from the world more than 40 countries, 360 pumps, fluid machinery enterprises exhibitors, exhibition area of 6500 square meters, more than 20,000 professional visitors.

The global valve market is mainly concentrated in the economically and economically developed countries and regions. According to McIlvaine, 2017 - 2020, the world's major valve consumer countries followed by China, the United States, Japan, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Among them, the top three industrial valves in China, the United States and Japan are $ 12.85 billion, $ 12.8 billion and $ 7.7 billion respectively. From the regional market, East Asia, North America and Western Europe is currently the world's largest valve market.